Hello “Primal Cry” Hot Sauce!

Our hunt is over! For years, we’ve had a steadily growing fan base for our Tiger Cried Hot Sauce. When we decided to take our delicious sauce to the next level (so more people could enjoy it), we learned we could not trademark “Tiger Cried” nationally. We received some fun and clever new name suggestions from a lot of people. So many solid suggestions were offered but we can only have one name, of course. After much consideration, we landed on Primal Cry Hot Sauce.

Primal Cry helps to evoke our instinctive urge to satisfy our hunger. It easily translates to hot sauce, since many people often shed happy tears while snarfing it down. And since we’d become quite fond of our “tiger” concept, we can continue the relationship through tiger imagery that fits well with the Primal Cry concept.

Thanks to all those who helped us brainstorm. We hope you love Primal Cry as much as we do! Coming soon to a grocery store near you!

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